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While the Bonjour networking libraries are (in theory) installed as part of iTunes, several users have reported problems, even with the latest iTunes 7.7 installed. The following instructions explain how to reinstall Bonjour manually which has fixed the problem for all cases encountered so far. Please note this instructions are for Windows only.

Uninstall any existing Bonjour:

  1. Quit ShelfServer if it's running.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Find Bonjour in the list, select it, and click the Remove button.
  4. Go through the wizard and wait for the uninstall to complete.

If Bonjour does not appear in the list, just continue with the "Reinstalling Bonjour" section.

Reinstalling Bonjour:

Please note that you do need to follow the steps above to uninstall Bonjour if it's installed. Merely installing over top of an existing installation won't help.

  1. Download the Bonjour Installer for Windows from Apple.
  2. Run the installer and wait for it to complete, rebooting your computer if asked to do so.
  3. Relaunch ShelfServer - it should no longer warn about not finding Bonjour.

Your iThing should now see your ShelfServer and allow you to connect. If not, odds are there are networking issues which are preventing your phone and computer from seeing each other.

Note that you may download the Bonjour for Windows installer from Apple here.

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