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There are some details below on what this is and why it works, but if you'd like to cut to the chase and install the thing, look no futher. In order to add the bookmarklet to your iThing, follow the link below and follow the instructions on that page:

Install Tomes PDB Direct Download Bookmarklet

Install Tomes Instant Converter Bookmarklet

What is this thing?

Starting with Tomes 2.0, it's possible to download some ebooks directly from the web without using your ShelfServer. Direct downloading only works for supported PalmOS type books. Specifically, Mobi, Plucker, and PalmDoc (AportisDoc). All other types of files require conversion by the ShelfServer before they can be read in Tomes.

In order to download books from your iPhone, you'll need to use a small JavaScript trick called a "bookmarklet" to prepare links for download.

Technical details

Tomes will process any links in the form: pdbdl: The bookmarklet will automatically convert any links to *.mobi or *.pdb files on a page to include the special "pdbdl:" prefix which is what tells the iPhone OS to open the link using Tomes. If you tap on links to PDB books without this prefix, Safari will tell you it, "cannot download this type of file." Once the bookmarklet has transformed the links, tapping on the converted links will open Tomes and start downloading. Note that Tomes may still give you an error if the PDB file you've selected is a different type of PalmOS file than the ones that Tomes supports. (For more info about PalmOS types, see Direct Download Help).

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New in Tomes 2.0:
Download Books without using ShelfServer

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